Seinfeld Characters as SAAS and Subscription Business Entrepreneurs

The hit 90s show Seinfeld was known for its kooky, lovable cast and ability to draw comedy out of everyday situations. The show ended in 1998, a year before Salesforce’s founding. This realization got us thinking: What would the characters have thought of the eventual appearance and growth of the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry?

With careers ranging from editor to postal worker, we decided to try a little thought experiment. How would the colorful characters of Seinfeld fit into the SaaS business world?

Would they have waited for inspiration to strike before putting together a business plan? Or would they dive in head first, throwing ideas against the wall to see what stuck? Would they have competed against one another, or become a team?

While we can’t be absolutely sure, here are some of our best guesses:

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