“You’re Perfectly Healthy, Except…”

Why do doctors bring up weight in otherwise healthy patients? A friend recently went to the doctor and, for the umpteenth time, was told: “Everything indicates you’re in perfect health; except you’re overweight.” When she shared this, my own countless experiences hearing the same line came rushing back. One memory bubbled to the surface: a … Continue reading “You’re Perfectly Healthy, Except…”

Planned Parenthood is for Everyone, Including Men

I recently visited my local Planned Parenthood and was surprised to find only men sitting in the waiting room. While one was clearly a security guard, the others were not. There are many reasons why men might be in the Planned Parenthood waiting room, of course: they may be there with a partner, friend, or … Continue reading Planned Parenthood is for Everyone, Including Men

Guest Posting & Articles: Education

During my environmental education and camp travels through West Virginia, Connecticut, Michigan, and New Jersey, I kept my love of writing alive through both personal and guest blogging. Here are some guest posts I wrote for organizations I was passionate about: YMCA Camp Mason: The Magicians of Camp Mason NRPA: Newbies to Nature, Training Your … Continue reading Guest Posting & Articles: Education