How ‘On The Map’ Unlocked Marketing Agency Success Through Growth Stages

This week, Fusebill published my first blog post with them. It’s been an absolute joy working with Jacob Varghese and his team to create useful, well-researched content for subscription businesses looking for a recurring billing platform. I’m looking forward to many more coming soon! At its core, good business is about progress. Allow your practices … Continue reading How ‘On The Map’ Unlocked Marketing Agency Success Through Growth Stages

Editing: Slingshot Health

Very excited to announce that I’ve begun editing for the blog at https://www.slingshothealth.com! Slingshot has a cool concept: connect doctors experiencing scheduling gaps with patients willing to bid on those timeslots. Patients save money, and doctors keep their practices full. Check out their site to learn more, and to read some well-edited articles on the … Continue reading Editing: Slingshot Health

Should My Business File for Bankruptcy?

Nobody imagines that they’ll have to file for bankruptcy when they start a new business. If they did, they’d save themselves the heartache of investing their time, money, and energy into it. Unfortunately, however, many businesses do file for bankruptcy every year. Deciding to file is a difficult, but sometimes necessary decision. Filing for bankruptcy … Continue reading Should My Business File for Bankruptcy?

“You’re Perfectly Healthy, Except…”

Why do doctors bring up weight in otherwise healthy patients? A friend recently went to the doctor and, for the umpteenth time, was told: “Everything indicates you’re in perfect health; except you’re overweight.” When she shared this, my own countless experiences hearing the same line came rushing back. One memory bubbled to the surface: a … Continue reading “You’re Perfectly Healthy, Except…”