Subscription B2B Content Writing Pricing

Some clients like flat rates and per-word pricing. Others prefer writers to track hours for billing. However, with the rise of B2B SaaS technology and shifting client expectations, I’d like to introduce something new. I’ve created packages based on the most common client requests for B2B content writing, and priced each accordingly. I like to call it Subscription B2B Content Writing Pricing.

In a nutshell, Subscription B2B Content Writing is blogging, something I’ve been doing since 1999. These packages guarantee a certain number of posts per week, at a certain length, and include SEO, editing, research, interviewing, and more in the larger packages. This allows clients to choose a package in their budget that meets their content writing needs. They offer all the convenience we love of SaaS: it’s like a subscription for blog posts, billed monthly. Blogging, simplified.

Consider increating your site traffic with a blog package written by an engaging B2B content writer.

All blog posts are researched, written, and include SEO content exclusively for your site. No regurgitated content or “reblogs” – just useful information establishing expertise in your field. As your blog grows, backlinking to earlier posts increases SEO and ensures your site ranks high on web searches.

The first post is risk-free: Don’t pay until you like what you see.

So, check out my Subscription B2B Content Writing Pricing, and let me know what you think!

Packages are customizable. These prices represent a starting point and are subject to change based on level of research and expertise required. Quotes for short-term projects are also available. Email to discuss a B2B content writing strategy that works for you.

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